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1950s Cuba Cubana Airlines Pilot Wings Insignia

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    This is an authentic and quite scarce 1950s period Cuba Cubana Airlines Pilot wings insignia in Excellent Condition, the only one I ever seen in such a desirable condition, this type of wings are known by airline collectors as " Bullion Wings " , this is made out of metal & cloth,with all the details nicely embroidered,in my opinion this was the most beautiful cubana airlines pilot wings of all ever issued,this wing have a gorgeous embroidered cuban national flag colors and the golden letters of cubana .This wing measures 3.8 x 1.3 inches and is in very good condition.,This Vintage Original Cubana Pilot Wings of the 1950s for sure will make a superb addition for any serious old cuba cubana de aviacion insignia , cuban aviation insignia wings insignia  , cubana airlines wings insignia , pilot insignia , cubana de aviacion , latin america airlines , world airlines , cubana airlines memorabilia .The following is a brief  history of Cubana Airlines .The privileged geographic situation of the Cuban island and its mild climate, among other causes, attracted some of the first heroes of air navigation. Since the first decades of the 19th century, aeronauts like the French Eugene Robertson and the Cuban Jose Domingo Blino overflew Havana in balloons; in 1856 the most famous of Cuban aeronauts, Matias Perez, went up in an aerostat to make the non return flight which would conduct him to immortality. The first unsuccessful flight attempt in Cuba was made in 1910 by the French pilot Andre Bellot, who tried to take off on the "Voisin" biplane. These first flight efforts stimulated the Cubans to introduce themselves in the nascent aviation. On April 20, 1912, the first Cuban pilot, Agustin Parla Orduña, graduated from the Curtiss Aviation School. Six months later, Domingo Rosillo del Toro obtained his diploma in France. Considered one of the most famous pilots of his time, Rosillo inscribed himself in the history of aviation on May 17, 1913, when he made the first international flight in Latin-American history and set up a world distance record, flying the 90 miles from Key West to Havana in 2 hours and 40 minutes. The former record belonged to the famous pilot and aeronautical designer Louis Bleriot.

    Cubana de Aviacion was founded on October 8, 1929. Cuba was one of the few countries which had acquired enough experience and created the conditions that allowed it to introduce itself in the nascent commercial aeronautical activity. At this time four airlines were operating in Cuba, among them the Cubana de Aviacion Curtiss S.A. national company, which in the interim of the political and economical crisis of the 1930s would stand as the only airline of the country, and would be acquired by the already powerful Pan American, which changed its name to Compañia Nacional Cubana de Aviacion S.A. In this decade Cubana initiated its development; it established regular flights with Sikorsky S-38 hydroplanes between the capital and the mining zones of the eastern part of the island and flew nationwide with Ford three-motor airplanes. The development of several generations of Cuban pilots was influenced by the visit of aviation aces like Charles Lindbergh and by some aeronautical exploits among which it is worth mentioning the flight Sevilla (Spain) – Camagüey (Cuba), ended on June 11, 1933, made by the Spanish pilots Barberan and Collar, who on board of the Cuatro Vientos aircraft crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a 2 days and 2 nights trip; and that of captain Menendez Pelaez, the first Cuban to cross the Atlantic Ocean, who flew alone from Havana to Sevilla on a single-engined, open cockpit airplane, and landed on February 17, 1936 on the Tablada Spanish airport.

    In 1935 the Lockheed Electra aircraft was incorporated to the fleet, allowing Cubana to extend its itineraries to nearly the whole island, and thus raising the prestige of the company. In view of the development acquired in aeronautical infrastructure and the need of flight technical personnel, the first Civil Aviation School was founded in Havana in 1936. Its director was Ramiro Leonard, considered an aviation ace of that time. In the early 1940s, Cubana de Aviacion S.A. made regular flights in the Caribbean area. The Second World War stimulated the development of aeronautical technology and the construction of new planes. For this reason, when the war ended the development of aviation, and of the main airline in the island accelerated. On March 21, 1944 the company changed its name to Compañia Cubana de Aviacion S.A. On November 1 of this year the International Conference of Civil Aviation is held, giving birth to the ICAO. Cuba was a founder member and signatory of its convention. On April 19, 1945 the constitution meeting of IATA was celebrated in Havana. In this same year, Cubana added to its fleet the best airplane yet constructed, the legendary Douglas DC-3, whose acquisition was a milestone in the airline´s development. In the 1950s and 1960s Cubana incorporated to its fleet several types of airplanes, which allowed it to make regular flights to all the continent and to Europe. Its main international destinations were Madrid, New York, Miami and Mexico City. Modern airplanes like the Super G Constellation, DC-4, Bristol Britannia 318, Viscount and Super Viscount, together with crews and technical personnel of high experience and expertise, placed the name of Cubana de Aviacion in a privileged place at regional and world levels; in 1959, the year of its 30th anniversary, the Interamerican Security Council awarded a special prize to Cubana for having had no accidents since its creation. This is for sure an awesome piece for any serious early Cubana or Pan Am airlines wings, insignia ,cloth bullion wings ,captain wings collector. cubana airlines, cubana de aviacion ,pan am , pan american airlines crew insignia , cubana de aviacion insignia , cuba aviation , cuban transportation , cubana airlines original vintage pilot bullion wing isnignia cubana airlines pilot wings insignia

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