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1940s Cuba Melodias del 40 Regino Fraga Signed Photo

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    1940s period Regino Frontela Fraga autograph signed photo card. Regino Fraga was the director of the legendary cuban music orchestra " Melodias del 40 " . This photo card measures 4 x 6.5 inches. Very Good Condition.The Orquesta Melodias del 40 was organized in 1940 in Havana by pianist Regino Frontela Fraga. Frontela, born in Catalina de Guines, the September 7, 1910. Since very little was devoted to music especially the piano, later became a composer and conductor. His first work was performed with the orchestra of Thomas Corman Vidal (1895-1957), and later with the Valerio Moreira (1934). Some time later created their own in the period from 1939 to 40. It was said that the name of his band “Orchestra Melodies of 40″ took an ad in the film 23 and 12 of the Fred Astaire film “Broadway Melody of 40″ movie that was in those times with great success in Cuba, others thought it was because the date that created it.The founders of that group were: Michael “Toast” Barbon (violin), Herminio “The Tailor” Ramos (violin), Dagoberto “Kiko” Jimenez (flute), Nicholas Martinez (bass), Rene Martinez (timbales), Rene Alvarez (singer), Jose Herrera Mesa (gourd).Regino Fraga became experienced conductor, getting his union with Arsenio Rodriguez and Antonio Arcano. Also kept a daily program on“Radio Rooms” in which were not paid, but the station announced in its activities and promotions.In 1942 Gerardo income Pedroso and flute players at different times and Ramon Peñalver Wilfredo Meneses and Berroa and Lucilo Rafael Cruz, who spent 20 years in the orchestra. He participated in the famous party at the bus stop (buses) in the neighborhood of the Hill, called “The Big Three, where the orchestra alternated with Arsenio Rodriguez and Arcaño.Programs were presented in Mil Diez radio, Radio room, COCO and other stations. They made their first recordings in 1955 for the label Puchito.The band had two exceptional musicians and charismatic, one was Jose Herrera, (Rosquilli) composer and singer, with much humor and eccentricity. The other Miguel Barbon (Brindisi) in addition to being an excellent violinist, had the gift of performing violin solos in the style of a tres player, his solos were incredibly famous throughout Cuba to the extent that it was called (Toast the child prodigy) . Even today its free performances in brass bands montunos some violinists.Other acquisitions of Frontela Fraga was Rene Alvarez, “The sound in person,” born in San Antonio de los Baños, on June 16, 1918, his childhood was spent in the town of Rincon, in 1932 he moved to he capital . The journey of Rene by the different groups was extensive and helpful, and to name a few, let’s start: set “Glory of Cuba”, “Carbine Aces” and “Arsenio Rodriguez”, where he recorded anthology works as “Componte canallón” “The clock Pastora”, “I am shark,” plus the set of “Felix Chapottin”. After that formed his own group called “The Stars”, which had an ephemeral life. When the orchestra begins with “Melodies of 40″, René was performed as a soloist and the choir, which was formed by Jose Herrera, Manolito Montalvo and Jose Ramon Garcia, but it should be mentioned that these performers, sometimes singing as soloists.

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